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Ryan's Gym Routine

Planet Fitness member Ryan share’s his gym routine with us. What’s yours?



Gym is often a matter of habit, the more you do it the more settled you become and the easier it is to stick to a routine. It forms part of well recommended daily habits. That’s why practice makes perfect and setting a pre-determined goal for your workouts is a really good thing to do.

“That’s why practice makes perfect and setting a pre-determined goal for your workouts is a really good thing to do.”

I arrive at my gym at 17h00. I know that I need to workout because it feels good and the process of losing weight doesn’t happen by itself. After work is the perfect time to let off some steam and get active after being cooped in an office for 8 hours can lead to cabin fever. I plug in my earphones and begin with a track list that makes sense to workout to. The new Mumford and Sons album is just about right as I’m still not sure if I know what I believe. The consequences of gyming have never held such awesome ramifications. When you think about it, fitness really is your friend when it boils down to your general health and your mental well-being. I start off with 10 minutes of cardio on the rowing machine to warm up those bandy areas like the hamstrings, abdominal muscles and lower back. That’s all I need to “get into it.” From their I move into a killer abs class which is 20 minutes of pure ab-crunching madness. You feel as though you’ve done enough crunches to lose a pound of fat (which in reality will never happen after one session considering it’s been calculated that a staggering 22 000 crunches are required to achieve that!). From there, I proceed to bodyweight and free weight-training. The persistent repetition of flexing muscle leads to the desired burning sensation commonly associated with “muscle growth.”

Half an hour in the free weights section leads me to an hour long workout and that is exactly what I aimed for from the start. This subsequently makes me feel fresh and accomplished knowing that I achieved my pre-determined goal for good daily habits. My gym routine is then put on repeat for 2-3 times a week.

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